Terry's Berries

Join our CSA and Share the Bounty!

CSA members get 10% off purchases at our farm store during their season!


In a CSA model the customer pays upfront for a season's share of produce that is freshly harvested for the share members. By placing the money down in advance, the consumer is pledging to support the farm in the best and worst of times. Since organic produce farmers receive no government subsidies, a natural disaster, such as a flood, could curtail harvests. While the small farmer is more vulnerable to changes in the natural and economic world, through the CSA program, the consumer and the farmer share the harvest and the risks.

  The CSA model is an innovative, compassionate approach that sustains viable small, organic farms. It gives the community an effective outlet to show their support to agriculture that goes above and beyond purchasing other sources of local produce. It shows a greater commitment to eating local, which ultimately casts a vote toward preserving open, green space, reduces oil burned on transportation, conserves resources that would have gone to packaging, and maintains quality, control, safety and security of our food sources from the grassroots level.  The direct connection between farmer and consumer cuts out the middlemen, and ensures a nutrient-rich product that was bred for taste rather than one that was bred for handling, long distance travel, storage and absolute uniform cosmetic features. 

Produce from our farm in the share is frequently harvested only hours before you come pick it up, meaning that you get the produce at its freshest and most nutritious. In addition to our veggies, we source food from several other WA organic farms. If you have any questions about where something was grown, do not hesitate to ask! We are always happy to help you make informed decisions about your food.

We also offer egg and bread shares.  Our organic bread is delivered weekly from the Essential Baking company in Seattle and the eggs from the hens on our own farm! Come taste the difference between store eggs and those from our organic free range hens!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to call at 253-922-1604 or email info@terrysberries.com 

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